On being De-lighted !

Off the top of your head, you can probably think of a dozen buildings that are
recognisable just from the silhouette. In Mumbai, people even have a penchant for
nicknaming the skyscrapers based on their shapes. But what is the unique
characteristic of these buildings at night?
From this simple thought exercise, we have begun to design more unique façade
lighting schemes so that an iconic form doesn’t fade away into the night. There is too
much going on in Mumbai for neighbours to not notice the flocks of cranes and
regeneration projects underway, and so a chain reaction of reconsideration has
begun to take place. Even smaller, more subdued buildings have begun to revise the
age old “if you flood light it, they will come” mentality. The awareness is rising,
though with half knowledge.
If you walk along the Marine Drive at night, on one side you see the famed Queen’s
necklace, mainly called that due to the street lights on a curved promenade, while on
the other side you see the evolution of current façade lighting design schemes. For
example, the Saifi Hospital creates a striking appearance especially during the night,
stands out against its unlit neighbours with controlled washes of light across its
different decorative elements.


Image Source: http://www.wildfilmsindia.com / Google Images

However, this proliferation of good façade lighting design comes with a higher
demand for it elsewhere. Some façades lose their charm because of a lack of
thoughtfulness in the design. To avoid naming designers and buildings, however
some very important structures in the city have been lit, literally, in the wrong light!


Image Credit: Kiran Kalamdani / Google Images

At AIMS Pvt Ltd, we scrutinize the client requirements and the structure, and after a
thoughtful discussion about context, we come to an agreement on how a lighting
scheme would overwhelm the balance of the development as a whole. For us,
balance is one of the most treasured aspects of design, or at the very least is
omnipresent in the design process.

WelcomCafe RivaSeawoods FoodcourtIDFC 1

Projects photographs courtesy: AIMS Pvt. Ltd.

Sometimes, a considered decision leads you to stand back and respect what’s
around you. The building can be iconic without RGB spots and multiple control
systems. It can be remembered without kilowatt spotlights blasting onto every inch of
façade. However, at times it is important to bring out the beauty of an intricately
detailed façade, or to make a statement with pattern and movement.

CC_07101 Worli residence 1

RODP2712Projects photographs courtesy: AIMS Pvt. Ltd.

We make sure we select the right tools while designing interiors, landscapes or
exteriors to create a balance in the environment and bring relevance to lighting
without overpowering the structure.